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English 1

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my assignment

"suppose the person to whom Montresor is telling his sstory has turned him over to the police. Montresors lawyer might argue that his client is insane. the prosecution will argue that montresor knew exactly what he was doing, even planned in advance. write a speech for either lawyer. then role play the court room scene."

Write either an opening or closing argument for the case.
Remember that you can take the role of the defense attorney or the prosecutor. Also note that Montresor must be fairly old for his time if 50 years have passed.
Does that have an impact on his punishment?

I need some help on this! please someone help i have no idea how to begin!
i don't really understand what the assignment is.. what is prosecution!? and why would a lawyer say his client is insane if he is suppose to protect him?

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    The prosecution is the lawyer who represents the government. His/her job is to prove that the defendant is guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt. In this case, the prosecution needs to prove that Montressor is not crazy.

    The defense lawyer wants to prove that Montressor is crazy so that he will escape being imprisoned or executed. The U.S. does not knowingly punish people who are not capable of knowing what they were doing. An insane person doesn't understand or know what he's doing. Usually s/he is placed in a mental institution for the insane.

    This is a real case that may help you understand a plea of insanity.,_Jr.

    You need to choose either the defense lawyer or the prosecution lawyer. Write a speech that tells that point of view.

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    Thank you for the perfect explanation

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    You're welcome.

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