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Posted by Mike1 on Sunday, April 10, 2011 at 1:59pm.

Can you please check the following sentences? I included a short summary of Dr Jeckyll.
Thank you.

1) The story was particulary appealing to the self-made and self-reliant tradesman.
2)Reference (or references were) was made to names of countries, streets and towns. Interiors were described in details.
3) I'm pleased to read you have got a child and that you are willing to help me find a school in Berlin.
4) As I need to improve my spoken German and you your Italian, it would be nice if we could start speaking through Skype.
5) Dr Jeckyll believed that man is a mixture of good and evil. He did experiments to separate the good from the evil side of his personality.
6) He made a drug that transformed him into Hyde, who represented pure evil. At first he liked being Hyde and he enjoyed having no conscience. After Hyde had murdered an old man he stopped his transformations.
7) Then one day, while he was sitting in a park, he became Mr Hyde. This was the first time an involuntary transformation had occurred. The transformations became more frequent. 8) Finallly, he decided to kill himself because he realised that he had lost control of his double personality.

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