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Posted by Babouchka on Sunday, April 10, 2011 at 7:41am.


I have written an article about childhood's best friend.
I'd be glad if someone can help me to correct my mistake or others.
thank you


I'm franch and I'm studying english.
I have written an article about chilhood's best friend.
I'd be glad if someone can help me to correct my mistake.
Thank you

Childhood's twins

As a child hadn't you had a favourite friend? Who was your partner whatever you did. Certainly the only one you confessed your dreams. Most of us remembered their best times with this particular person.

During my first day at school I met her. Already when I had arrived I noticed her. Actually she looked the same as me. She smiled all her teeth and from her brown eyes. Her blonde hair was made into a ponytail with a straight fringe. She also wore dress and shoes similar to mine. My mother confessed me one day she had thought it had been my clone.

Quickly we became closed. After school if I wasn't at her home she was at mine. Moreover we never got bored. The most exciting was during holiday when parent let us invited each other for a whole week. In fact we pretended to be singers waited by the whole world for a concert. Actually we repeated before we had to made amazing costumes for representations.

I always remember all this spent with her as the best part of an easy and soft childhood.

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