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Posted by Mike on Sunday, April 10, 2011 at 6:15am.

I need you to check these sentences for me on Prospero and Caliban. I'm not sure about the tense choice (can you say that)?

1) Caliban hopes that they both Prospero and Miranda get drenched with a dew as evil as the kind his mother used to collect with a raven’s feather from unhealthy swamps.
2) He hopes that a south-west wind will blow on them and cover them with blisters all over.
3) Caliban’s punishment for his cursing is to have painful cramps and horrible pains in his sides that will keep him from breathing.
4) Prospero will send goblins out at night to work their nasty deeds on him. (can you also say "to plague him").
5) He'll be pricked all over.
The goblins’ pinches will be as close together as the cells of a honey-comb, and each pinch will hurt (him?) more than the stings of the bees that make (made?) the cells.
6) Caliban is both angry and rude because Prospero has interrupted his midday meeal.
7) He says he has to eat his dinner now. The island belongs to him because Sycorax, his mother, left it to him. But Prospero has taken it from him. When Prospero first got there, he petted him and took care of him.
8) He would give him water with berries in it and taught him the names for the sun and the moon, the big light and the smaller light that burn in daytime and nighttime.

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