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Berkeley college

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  • algebra? - ,

    Berkeley college is not the subject.
    Are you supposed to solve that equation for x?

    Multiply the parentheses term by -2 and then collect "x" terms and constants separately. The answer should pop out at you.

  • Math - ,

    2(4x-7)=2x-5,open bracket,8x-14=2x-5,collect like terms,8x-2x=-5+14,6x=9,divide by the co-efficient of x,x=9/6,x=3/2.we can check it by substituting for x,2(4 multiply by 3/2-7)=2 multiply by 3/2-5,when through with that the answer will be -2=-2,that is right hand side is equal to the left hand side.

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