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Physics: urgent help needed

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i have a test on monday

1 A beach ball is thrown straight up with a speed of 10m/s from a point 2 m above the ground
a) Assuming no air reistance, calculate how far up the ball will go
b)At what speed will the ball eventually hit the ground?
c) If the air resistance exerts a constant force fo 10N during the journey, calculate the new maximum height and maximum speed of the ball.

2. A pitcher throws a fastball, off target, at a speed of 90 km/h and hits home plate. The ball of mass 0.14 kg is 2.2 m above the ground when it leaves the pither's hand
a)What is the total gravitational and kinetic energy of the ball at the time of release?
b) What is the ball's kinetic energy when it reaches home plate?
c) How fast is the ball moving when it collides with the home plate?

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