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Physics URGENT!!!!

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1.A 75 kg passenger in a van is wearing a seat belt whent he van moving at 15m/s, collides with a conrete wall. The front end of the van collapses 0.50 m as it comes to rest.
a) what was the paseenger's kinetic energy before the crash
b) What average force did the seat belt exert on the passengfer during the crash?

2. A 1400 kg car is accelerating up a hill. The hill is 150m long and the total rise of the hill is 6.0m. The car accelerates from a speed of 7.0m/s at the bottom to 15m/s at the top. If the average retarding force of friction is 700 N find the change in potential energy of the car, and the change in kinetic energy of the car.

  • Physics URGENT!!!! -

    KE=1/2 m v^2


    2. change in PE= 1400*g*6m

    change in PE=finailKE-initialKE
    = 1/2 m (15^2-7^2)

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