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Posted by Lola on Friday, April 8, 2011 at 10:00am.

I'm a left wing:

Left Wing:
Support(sometimes radical) change; think that the government should provide more social services such as education and health care(therfroe they support higher taxes); believe that the government should be heavily involved in managing the economy; and believe that criminals should be rehabiliated(that they are capable of changing their ways). In general, left wing politics support new solutions to old problems.

I'm a left wing because I support this:

The government should spend more money on programs for the poor and disadvantaged.

Here are my points on this:
-to help them survive
-to provide them with their needs
-to let them live good lives
-hard for them to earn money
-poor/disadvantaged can't get jobs on own
-their children can't recieve education/need support from government to make this possible
-necessary for them to have food

Could I pretty please get more points??

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