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An architect is designing a public storage building with 2 different sized storage units the ceilings are 8 feet high in each storage unit
a. All storage units have square floors the volume will be 1800 what are the dimensions of each small unit
b. The ratio of dimensions of the architect drawing to the dimensions of the actual small storage is 1 inch to 72 inches. How many inches are the architects drawing would represent the actual width of each small unit in part A?
c. large units have rectangular floors .the volume of each of the small units is one third the volume of the larger unit ,what is the volume of the larger unit?
d. the dimensions of the rectangular floor of a large storage unit are whole numbers greater than or equal to the floor dimension of a small unit in part A, what could the floor dimensions of a large unit be?

  • Geometry -

    a. V = Af*h = 1800Ft^3,
    Af * 8 = 1800,
    Af = 225Ft^2 = 15x15Ft = Area of floor,

    Dimensions = 15x15x8Ft.

    b. 15Ft = 180 in.
    Width = 180in / 72 = 2.5 in.

    c. Vs = Vl/3 = 1800Ft^3,
    Vl/3 = 1800,
    Vl = 5400 Ft^3 = Volume of large unit.

    d. Vl = Af*h = 5400Ft^3,
    Af*8 = 5400,
    Af = 675Ft^2 = L*W,
    Let W = 15Ft,
    15L = 675Ft^2,
    L = 45Ft.

    Floor = 45 x 15 Ft.

  • width and area -

    hi my name is gabby and i need help with a problem for my math homework that my math teacher gave me for my threed period theacher and the problem is the rectangular floor and the area i 1800 but i don't now what the width is

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