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1 ) A sample of vapor occupies a volume of 125 ml at 100 celcius and 748 torr. What is its volume under STP conditions?

2) A sample of vapor weighing 0.745 g filled a 250 ml flask when placed in a water bath at 98 degree celcius. The barometric presure that day was 753 torr. Calculate the volume of the vapor at STP, and the weight of one mol of the violate liquid?

Please explain, will greatly appreciate!

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    write a balanced chemicl equation for the reversible reaction of carbon monoxide and chlorine gases to form carbonyl choride gas, COCl2.

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    1) Use PV = nRT. Note the correct spelling of Celsius.

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    1) You can use (P1V1/T1) = (P2V2/T2) to solve for volume at STP.

    2)Use the same equation from #1 above and solve for volume at STP. For the molar mass, use PV = nRT, solve for n = number of moles of the gas, then use n = grams/molar mass and solve for molar mass.

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    For the following reaction, 6.80 grams of carbon monoxide are mixed with excess sulfur. The reaction yields 5.90 grams of sulfur dioxide.

    sulfur (s) + carbon monoxide (g) sulfur dioxide (g) + carbon (s)

    What is the theoretical yield of sulfur dioxide ? grams
    What is the percent yield of sulfur dioxide ? %

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