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the widthe width of a rectangle is 6 inches less than the length. the perimeter is 72 inches. find the lengtj and the width

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    first represent unknowns using variables:
    let x = length of rectangle
    let x-6 = width of rectangle (according to first statement of problem)
    now we set up equation,, since in the problem we are given the perimeter, we can use this to set up the equation,,
    recall that perimeter of rectangle is
    P = 2*(L+W)
    where L is the length and W is the width
    72 = 2[ x + (x - 6) ]
    we can divide both sides by 2 (to cancel 2 on the right side):
    72/2 = x + x - 6
    36 = 2x - 6
    42 = 2x
    x = 21 inches (length)
    x-6 = 15 inches (width)

    hope this helps~ :)

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