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Describe and explain 5 rights and/or responsibilities of the worker with regards to safety in the workplace.

This is the information I have:

Worker's responsibilites:

-Cooperate with the joint committee
or worker health and safety
representative, WorkSafeBC
prevention officers, and any other
person carrying out occupational
health and safety duties.

-Learn and follow safe work procedures.

-Be alert to hazards, and report hazards
or problems to the supervisor or

-Use the protective clothing, devices,
and equipment provided.

-Perform work in a safe manner. Do
not engage in horseplay or work while
impaired by alcohol, drugs, or other

-Refuse to do work that they have
reasonable cause to believe would
create an undue hazard to the health
and safety of any person.

-Immediately report an unsafe situation
to their supervisor or employer.

Worker's rights:

-A safe working environment

-Proper health and safety information,
instruction, and training

-Well-maintained and functioning
personal protective equipment

-Refuse unsafe work

-Not to be discriminated against for
exercising any right or in carrying out
health and safety responsibilities

-Participate in workplace health and
safety committees and activities

It only says describe and explain 5 rights and/or responsibilities of the worker with regards to safety in the workplace.

So exactly I dont think I jot down all this info, what info do I need?

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