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I need help understanding this so please help me??

1. A table is 4 ft high. A small model of the table is 6 in. high. What is the ratio of the height of the model table to the height of the real table?
2 : 3
1 : 6
1 : 8
2 : 6

2. If a/b = 9/10, complete this statement: a/9 = ?/?

Solve each proportion.

3. y/6 = 18/54

4. 5/7 = x-2/4

5. The scale of a scale drawing is 2 in. = 5 ft. A room is 5 in. long on the scale drawing. Find the actual length of the room.
12.5 ft
20.5 ft
15.2 ft
18.5 ft

6. A postcard is 6 in. by 4 in. A printing shop will enlarge it so that the longer side is any length up to 3 ft. Find the dimensions of the biggest enlargement.
3 ft by 2 ft
6 ft by 4 ft
3 ft by 1 ft
2 ft by 1 ft

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    We do not do your work for you. Once you have attempted to answer your questions, we will be happy to give you feedback on your work. Although it might require more time and effort, you will learn more if you do your own work. Isn't that why you go to school?

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