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I appreciate your expert help,and I have a question for you.

If I'm asked to decribe resting potential, action poential, and synaptic transmission,in point form;would the following responses be right?

Resting Potential:
1.Membrane at resting potential- negative on the inside;positive on the outside.
2.A stimulus triggers opening of a few ion channels,allowing positive ions to enter neuron.
3.More channels open,so more positive ions can rush in, and inside the cell becomes positively charged. Even more channels open,allowing positive ions to rush out. The membrane is returned to the Resting Potential.

Action Potential
1.neurons is at resting potential.

2.A nerve impulse starts an influx of positively charged sodium ions-depolarizing the cell.

3.As sodium spread their charge owards the ion channels,a domino effect is created causing more channels to open up,letting in more sodium ions,propagating depolarization along the length of the neuron.

Synaptic Transmission
1.action potential arrives at synaptic terminal
2.A chemical change is triggered and vesicles of neurotranmitters fuse with the plasma mem. of the sending cell.
3.vesicles burst..neurotransmitters are released into the synapse.
4.Neurotransmitters bind to receptors on the recieving neuron
5.The binding opens ion ions can enter into the receiving neuron. A new action potential is triggered.
6.The neurotransmitter breaks down and is transported back to the sending neuron.

Thanks again. I appreciate your help.

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