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Please help me identify the adjectives and adverbs in this: My experiences with credit and credit card started at age 18. I had several credit cards by the time I was in my mid-twenties. I did not realize that I over extended myself until I lost my job. I had to figure out how I was going to pay my rent, car payment and credit cards. It was difficult to fix my credit, after several years I learned how to manage my credit and not over extend myself. After repairing my credit I purchased a home and I keep a minimum amount of credit cards; no matter how many are offered. I give advice on how to maintain and balance debts and finances due to my experiences. I realized it is easy to get credit but hard to repair it. A person can easily go from excellent credit to poor credit based on unfortunate circumstance. I have learned it is important to plan and save.

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    We will check your work for you. I'll give you what's in the first two sentences, and then it'll be your turn.

    adj - credit, several, credit, my
    adv - (none)

    Remember that adjectives describe nouns and adverbs describe verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs.

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