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Label the following reactions as combination, decomposition, displacement, precipitation, or acid-base reaction. Also whether each reaction is a redox or non redox reaction.

SO2(g)+H2O(l)-> H2SO3(aq)

NH3(aq)+HS(-)(aq)-> NH4(+)(aq)+S(2-)

Na2O2(l)-> Na2O(l)+O2(g)

3S(2-)(aq)+2Fe(3+)(aq)-> Fe2S3(s)

Cu(2+)(aq)+2K(s)-> Cu(s)+2K(+)

  • Chemistry -

    A + B ==> AB synthesis
    AB + CD ==> AC + BD double replacement
    AB ==> A + B decomposition (the reverse of synthesis)
    There must be something fundamental going on here. Perhaps I can help if you can be specific about your understanding of this concept.

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