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I am trying to figure out how to work this problem and need help.
Q How many 2X6 pieces of 16 ft x 5 1/2 ins. for a porch that measures 16ft x 14ft?
I changed the mixed number to an improper fraction (11/2) and found the area (224).
11/2 x 224/1

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    Since your porch is 16 ft long and each of the 2by6's is also 16 feet long, all you have to care about is how many are neeedd side by side to go 14 feet
    14 feet = 168 inches
    so number of pieces to fit sideways = 168/5.5 = 30.5

    Problem I see, ..
    Usually a space is left between adjoining pieces of lumber , you do not say how much that space is.
    The above solution implies that we leave no space, which is not advisable.
    Anyway, according to the above math, you would need 31 pieces, having to cut the last piece.

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