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I Need Help In English?
First off, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Anta and I'm currently a Senior and have to do this online course to graduate and I am basically left with no choice but to teach myself. The lesson I'm on now has been quite a challenge so far but I'm passing it with an77% . I would like some help though so I could fully understand the class. In the next following questions I need to find the Verb, Subject, Linking Verb, Indirect Object, Direct Object, Subject Compliment and the Objective Complement and the preposition phrases. If you could help answer the questions and teach me how to fully understand the concept behind it, I'd appreciate it!

1) Take the book to your mother
2) Jason had a birthday party at his favorite Mexican restaurant
3) Maine's eastern boundary is the western edge of the Atlantic Ocean
4) Sandy's throw to first base was short
5) The man in the back row brought his friends with him
6) The pilot told the crew chief about the damages
7) The Gerrards consider their son a genius
8) The only car for him is one of those new GTO's
9) On Friday Esther showed the jeweler an antique necklaces
10) The committee elected George chairman
11) Those mustard pickles taste too sour for me
12) The grey-blue ocean stretched out before him
13) Harry's father is Seattle's wealthiest citizen
14) Dianna gave George a cold shoulder at the party

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    I suggest you start by putting parentheses around all the prepositional phrases.

    Prepositional phrases begin with a preposition and end with a noun or pronoun.

    for him
    to first base
    at his favorite Mexican restaurant

    With these phrases out of the way, you can concentrate on the skeleton of the sentence that's left. Subjects, verbs, objects are never in prepositional phrases.

    Next, find the verb. Remember verbs show action or state of being.


    After you've found the verb, ask who or what is doing the action. Be careful of number 1. The subject is the understood subject, "you." That's the only one with an understood subject.

    This site will help you with the rest of the sentence parts.

    If you post your answers, we'll be glad to correct them, if necessary.

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    Those mustard pickles taste too sour for me

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