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Left Wing:
Support(sometimes radical) change; think that the government should provide more social services such as education and health care(therfroe they support higher taxes); believe that the government should be heavily involved in managing the economy; and believe that criminals should be rehabiliated(that they are capable of changing their ways). In general, left wing politics support new solutions to old problems.

Right Wing:

Support tradition and the status quo(the existing situation) think that the government should play a limited role in the economy(cut government spending and involvement); support business and free enterprise(i.e, people can conduct business free of government control and should not have to pay high taxes); believe that the budget should be balanced- even if this means cutbacks in education and health care; believe that law and order have high priority and that there should be harsher penalties for criminals. Quite often this group supports "turning back the clock" when problem solving.

Read throught the following propositions and identify whether each is a leftwing or rightwing concept.

Marijuana possestion should be discriminalized. (Right Wing)

Canada should admit less immigrants and refugees. (Right Wing)

Capital punishment should be an option for some crimes. (Left Wing)

Taxes should be lowered even though this may mean increased cuts to government programs (Right Wing)

The government should make sticter laws against private ownership or firearms (Left Wing)

People should be charged user fees every time they are hospitalized (Left Wing)

The government should spend more money on programs for the poor and disadvantaged (Right Wing)

Canada should expand its free trade agreement to include more blocs of countries such as Asia or Latin America (Left Wing)

Tuition costs for post-secondary education should be lowered or eliminated to allow equal oppurtunity for all. (Right Wing)

Governments should strengthen preferential hiring treatment for minorities and women. (Left Wing)

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    I don't know about # 8 and free trade.

    However, of the other 9, you have only 4 right. Please study the assigned paragraphs more carefully.

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    Which ones are wrong?

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    After you study the paragraphs carefully, go back and answer these questions again. If you repost them, I'll be glad to check them again.

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