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Need to decide which form is needed:present participle, past, past participle of each verb in parentheses.

1. Nora (see) the toy exhibit at the museum. ANSWER=Seen
2. People (speak) French in parts of Canada. ANSWER=spoke
3. That character has (say) "Good Grief" several times. ANSWER=said

4. The tiny pin (burst) the large balloon. ANSWER=burst

5. In the science fiction story, computers had (take) over the world.

6. My brother (teach)me to change a flat bicycle tire. ANSWER=taught

7. The valuable painting had (lie) in an old barn for years. ANSWER=lied

8. I have (give) you all the hints I can. ANSWER=given

9. My friend has (write) a new short story. ANSWER=writen

10. I have (make) my final desision. ANSWER=made

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    Incorrect: 1, 7, 9 (sp), and I have a question about #2. Did those people speak French and then stop, or did they speak French in the past and they still speak it now?

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    French is still spoken in the province of Quebec. Moreover French is the official language of Canada together with English.

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