April 19, 2015

Homework Help: math polynomials

Posted by Brittany on Sunday, April 3, 2011 at 12:14am.

Simplify 4q^2-5q-1+8q^2+8q-9
A. -4q^2+3q+8
B. 12q^2+3q-10
C. -12q^2-13q-10
D. -4q^2-13q+8
I'm pretty sure its B. 12q^2+3q-10

Add (4x-2y) + (7x-5y)
A. 11x+3y
B. 11x-7y
C. -3x+3y
D. -3x-7y
I think this one is B. 11x-7y, also.

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