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finding the hypotenuse for triangles with only one measure of 7.8 m and two angles with degrees of 90 and 40. The picture is a right triangle with the right angle on the bottom left(labeled S). The hypotenuse goes from the top left(making angle Q with the line going up from S) to the bottom right, connecting with to make angle R. It looks like this, but connected and there is a bottom line. S is where the right angle is. Q-40degrees
| \
S | \ R

What is the length of hypotenuse in triangle QRS. Round to the nearest tenth.

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    You could have just said:
    Triangle QSR is right-angled with
    angleQ=40°, and angleS = 90°

    From your description I cannot tell if QS=7.8 or SR = 7.8

    I will guess that SR=7.8
    then sin40° = 7.8/QR
    QR = 7.8/sin40 = 12.135

    if QS = 7.8
    then cos40 = 7.8/QR
    QR = 7.8/cos40 = 10.18

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