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French - SraJMcGin/Frenchy

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In class we looked through some paintings of artists. After looking at them, we were given questions to answer, here they are.

La Galerie D'art

1. Quelle est ta peinture preferee? Pourquoi?

In English, this is what I want to say.

[ My favourite painting was "The Persistence of Memory", by Dali, because I love the coloring effects, and the way he melts everything creates a really strong effect.]

This is what I have written in French

[ Je Prefere la peinture "Persistance of Memory" parce J'aime la couleurs et la fondre effet.

Since Im in Grade 10, I don't use strong vocabulary, and the teacher just recommended me to use a dictionary for some terms, but I don't know if my translation is correct because there is a rule for everything, I feel some verbs and stuff have to be changed...

  • French - SraJMcGin/Frenchy -

    Accents again! For the moment, I'll ignore some.

    Je prefère...parce que j'aime les couleurs (decide if you want singular or plural and be consistent with the article and noun)

    strong effect? = un effort fort

    Here is a suggestion for "how to use the dictionary:"
    1. look up the English word
    2. write down ALL the French words
    3. look up each French word for the exact meaning

    You'll get some surprises! If you need any online dictionaries, there are quite a few.

    I'm guessing French II or III ?

    Sra (aka Mme)

  • French - SraJMcGin/Frenchy -

    French level 2

  • French - SraJMcGin/Frenchy -

    Mon tableau préféré était "La Persistance de la mémoire", par Dali, parce que j'aime les effets des couleurs, et la façon don't il fait fusionner tout crée un effet vraiment énorme.

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