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Answer the questions negatively, using the imperfect tense. Make sure to include the direct object pronoun when needed. Follow the model.

Modelo ¿Juega Daniel al fútbol?
No, pero antes lo jugaba.

¿Hablas por teléfono?
No hablaba

¿Fue a la playa Susana?
no pero iba

¿Come carne Benito?
no pero comía

¿Te trajo muchos regalos tu novio?
no traía

¿Conduce tu mamá?
no conducía

I can't figure out what goes on in the spaces and i am on my last try. Any help would be appreciated.

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    the imperfect tense describes when someone "used to do" for the first one you could say "No lo hablaba."
    2. No, pero la iba. or No, pero iba a la playa.
    3. No, pero comia bistec.
    Do you understand now??

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    Keli is correct in that you did not follow the model. If you would number them, it would be far easier for everyone to be on the same item.

    1. No, pero antes hablaba. (the question uses tú so the answer uses yo)
    2. No, pero antes iba.
    3. No, pero antes la comía = IF you want to say "he used to eat it/meat"
    4. Did your sweetheart bring you many gifts? The answer should say: No, pero antes me los traía. (No, but he used to bring THEM (gifts) TO ME.)
    5. No, pero antes conducía.

    When there is a model to follow, be sure you UNDERSTAND the model so you can follow it. It may have "dropped" Daniel but it used a direct-object pronoun for fútbol (lo).


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