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a boat moves through still wather at x kilometers(km) per hour. it travels 24km up stream against a current of 2km per hour and then returns with the current. The rate upstream is x-2 because the boat moves against the current and the rate downstream is x+2 because the boat moves with the current.

36.write an expression for the total time for the round trip.
37.write your answer to exercise 36 as a single rotional expression.
28.use your answer to exercise 37 to find how long the round trip will take if the boat travels 10kilometers per hour through still water

  • Algebra(urgent) -

    time upstream = 24/(x-2)
    time downstream = 24/(x+2)
    total time = 24/(x-2) + 24/(x+2)

    common denominator is (x+2)(x-2)

    so total = (24(x+2) + 24(x-2))/((x+2)(x-2))
    = 48x/(x^2 - 4)

    Plug in x=10

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