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Posted by shae on Wednesday, March 30, 2011 at 7:03pm.

A 1.00-g sample of piperazine hexahydrate is dissolved in enough water to produce 100.0 mL of solution and is titrated with 0.500 M HCl.
What is the initial of the solution, before any titrant is added?

Piperazine,HN(C4H8)NH, is a diprotic weak base used as a corrosion inhibitor and an insecticide and has the following properties:
For writing the reactions of this base in water, it can be helpful to abbreviate the formula as Pip:
Pip+H2O<--->PipH2^2+ +OH-
PipH+ +H2O<-->PipH2^2+ +OH-

The piperazine used commercially is a hexahydrate with the formula C4H10N2*6H2O

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