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Can you please check these few sentences, please? Thank you. I'm not sure about the paraphrasis of a Will Smith's song.

1) The members of Sinn Fein protested (I need a synonym) about the discrimination against Catholics.
2) Heavy bomber raids continued on London. (Does it mean that "London was bombed by the Germam Air Foce?")
Italy sided with Germany (or allied with Germany, entered war on the side of Germany???)
3) His poet's friend fails to put on his mask (or put his mask on?) fast enough His poet's friend can't get his mask on fast enough. (Is the meaning the same?)
4) The man drinking a fruit juice is wearing a suit.
5) My mum started bugging with clothes she chose. I didn't say anything at first, I just turned up my nose.
6)I need to rephrase it: My mum made me angry because she wanted to buy me clothes I didn't like. At first I didn't say anything but then I reacted (????)
7) I often get angry with my mum because I don't want her to buy me clothes. Though I'm still dependent on my parents I don't want to influence the way I dress (???). (my clothing style?)
8)My mum did the ultimate when I asked her for Adidas and she bought me Zips: Rephrase: It was the last straw when she wanted to buy me Adidas.
9) I'm wearing a pair of white Adidas tennis shoes (or from Adidas?), a colorful wrist band,a blue-and-white half-zip hoodie, tracksuit bottoms and a pair of knee socks.

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