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Posted by Mike on Wednesday, March 30, 2011 at 3:31am.

Can you please check these sentences for me? It's really urgent.

1) At eighteen you can get married without your parents' permission.
At eighten years of age/When you are eighteen ... (are they both correct?)
2) You can't get married without your parents' permission until you are eighteen.
3)She is going to ask thm if she can choreograph some of the routines. I need to paraphrase it: She is going to arrange how dancers should move during a performance?
4) It's all voluntary work. (She is going to do some voluntary work as a coreographer "for" or "with" Blast.??
Blast is a dance company she is going to work with.
5) A camera operator operates a camera for film or TV.
Are you going to do military service after school? Are you going to get unpaid (??) work experience during your summer holiday?
6)Are you going to move to another country to find job? Better to find job in another country?
7) What university faculty (course) are going to enter (specialize in?)
For my summer holiday I'm going to spend two weeks in Berlin with my family.
8) We are going to stay at (or in?) a three-star hotel in the city centre so tht we don't have to rely on public transport.
9) My son is going to do (attend) a two-week summer course.
We are going to go on a sightseeing bus tour in Berlin.
10) Are you going to get a lunch box for lunch (or a packed lunch?)
Are you going to have dinner out during your stay in Berlin?

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