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A 14 kg body is moving through space in the positive direction of an x axis with a speed of 220 m/s when, due to an internal explosion, it breaks into three parts. One part, with a mass of 6.4 kg, moves away from the point of explosion with a speed of 190 m/s in the positive y direction. A second part, with a mass of 2.5 kg, moves in the negative x direction with a speed of 460 m/s. What are the (a)x-component and (b)y-component of the velocity of the third part? (c) How much energy is released in the explosion? Ignore effects due to the gravitational force.

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    The sum of the momenta of the three pieces must equal the original momentum, 14*220 = 3080 kg m/s in the x direction. There is zero iniital momentum in the y direction.

    Write equations for the x and y components of total momentum with the component of the third part as the two unknopwns. Solve them.

    When done, compare the total KE to the initial KE of the single moving piece (which will be less than final KE), to get the energy release of the explosion

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