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what is the area of a rhombus with a 60 degree angle and sides 5 cm long? (round to the nearest 10th)

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    recall that the area of rhombus is just
    A = b*h
    where b = base and h = height
    we already have the base, which is 5 cm. we need to find for the height,, to get this, observe that if we draw the rhombus and draw a broken line representing the height, we see that a right triangle is form, particularly, a 30-60-90 triangle
    to get height,
    5 * sin 60 = 4.33 cm
    **note that we use sin 60 here because 80 degrees is the opposite angle of the height
    A = b*h
    A = 5*(4.33)
    A = 21.65 sq cm

    hope this helps~ :)

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