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Consider the reaction that occurs on mixing 50.0 mL of 0.560 MNaHCO3 and 50.0 mL of 0.400 M NaOH at25oC.
(a) Write a balanced net ionic equation for thereaction.
(b) What is the pH of the resulting solution?

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    HCO3^- + OH^- ==> H2O + CO3^-2

    You start with 50.0 mL x 0.56M NaHCO3 = 28 mmoles.
    You add 50.0 mL x 0.400M NaOH = 20 mmoles.

    So you must end up with 20 mmoles Na2CO3, 0 mmoles NaOH, and 8 mmoles NaHCO3.

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