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5th Grade Math/Making a Duplicate

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I need help with a worksheet that has a line going down with a y with positive numbers at the top and negative numbers at the bottom and the it has a line going across with an x with negative numbers on left and positive on right. It has a tic tac toe looking box in the middle that's shaded with the outline of the box are all dark traced. THE DIRECTIONS SAY: lOOK AT THE ILLUSTRATION AND GIVE DIRECTIONS TO A PARTNER ON HOW TO DUPLICATE IT. WRITE AN ORDERED PAIR FOR EACH CORNER OF THE DRAWING. HAVE YOUR PARTNER CONNECT THE POINTS WITH LINE SEGMENTS ACCORDING TO YOUR DIRECTIONS. (CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP, I KNOW HOW TO DO LINE SEGMENTS WHEN THEY HAVE LETTER POINTS BUT HAVEN'T DONE THIS KIND WITH A PICTURE OR A DRAWING)

  • 5th Grade Math/Making a Duplicate -

    a canoe is 5.67 how much is it in cm

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