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A submarine has run into trouble and is stuck at the bottom of the ocean. Several people are on board and must make their way to the surface without any diving gear. The air pressure aboard the submarine is 3.100 atm. The air temperature inside the submarine is 10.01 ¢XC and you can take body temperature (inside the lungs) to be 37.74 ¢XC. The first person to leave takes a breath as deep as possible by exhaling as far as possible (leaving a volume of 1.070 L in their lungs), and then slowly inhaling to increase their lung volume by 4.590 L. His body temperature is also 37.74 ¢XC.
(i) How many particles of air do their lungs contain after inhaling?
(ii) This person breathes out all the way to the surface in order to maintain a constant lung volume. How many moles of gas remain in the lungs?

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    for A-1). just use PV = nRT. the question suggests constant pressure. So Charles law applies?

    Um... so .

    Let = volume of the lung (4.98L)
    Let = temperature of the body (309.38K)
    Let = temperature of the submarine (291.51K)
    Let = be your unknown

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