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Posted by Mike on Tuesday, March 29, 2011 at 5:52pm.

I added a few more sentences. I hope you can help me express them correctly. Thank you.

1) Do you like soccer (Italian football)? Is soccer popular in America?
2) Can you watch the Italian football season in America? (Do you follow the Italian football season/championship/league championship on TV?)?
3) Do you know the name of a famous Italian defender/midfielder/striker (??)?
In what way is American football different from soccer? (Can you shortly explain me the difference??)
4) Are you a sports fan? How often do you do exercise (train, do gymnastics, which is best?) each week?
5) Do you say "on the right of the baker's there's a newsagent's Or "to the right?)
6) What do you eat for breakfast? What does a typical American breakfast consist of? Do you usually get a lunch box on a normal school day or do you eat in the school canteen?
7)What sort of food can you get in your school canteen? (Can you hlp me name some of the food you can get there?)
8) How does a school trip usually last?
What sort of person are you? Which sign of the zodiac were you born under?
When and where were you born?
9) What do you think of Italian people? Do you think they are too chatty, gossipy (?) and untrustworthy?
10) Do you play different school sports in winter and in summer?

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