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Posted by Mike on Tuesday, March 29, 2011 at 4:50pm.

I included other questions. Can you please help me improve them? Thanks a lot.

1) Do you like staying with your host family?
Do you think you will miss them once back in America?
2) What will you miss most about your staying in Italy? (Your host family, new friends, the food or ..can you help me improve my list, shall I include the items in brackets?)
3) What do you like most about your host family? The friendly atmosphere, the cooking etc. can you hep me with the list?
4) What subject are you best at?
What subject are you worst at?
Which is your favourite subject?
Which subject do you find most difficult?
5) Do your teachers set (?) you a lot of homework (many assignments?) Are they strict?
6) Which household chores do you have to do at home? Do you have a washing machine and a dryer (?)? Do you hang your clothes on the clothes line?
7)What sort of house do you live in?
(A flat, a terraced house, a villa, a semi-detached, a detached house, a block of flats, a skyscraper??)
Shall I include the list of houses in brackets in the questionnaire.

Why did you last feel sorry for a person you know?

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