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Homework Help: stats 3

Posted by prakash on Tuesday, March 29, 2011 at 1:49am.

2. Collect the data pertaining to the number of customers serviced (by you or by one of the branch employees) and the number of leads generated through them during any 10 consecutive working days in February 2010. The data has to be tabulated as under.
The following table presents a hypothetical example.
You are required to collect the actual data and prepare the table.
Date Number of customers Leads generated
19th Feb 5 2
20th 6 5
21st 4 1
. 7
. 2
Apply t- test and paired t-test at 5% level of significance.
Also state whether the t-value is significant or not and what decision can be taken based on these results.
(If you are not working in a branch, collect data from any nearby branch of your bank and prepare the table.)
(10 marks)

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