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Posted by Ann on Monday, March 28, 2011 at 9:43pm.

Need to label the verb wish A for action of L for Linking...

1. The koala bears have climbed the tree. Answer=A
2. The peacock seemed more beautiful than before. Answer=A

3. In the rain forest display at the zoo, the birds looked stange and exotic. Answer=L

4. The goats in the children's zoo are hoping for teats. Answer=A

5. Pnaa bears are rare. Answer=L

6. Soon the hippos will emerge from the murky water. Answer=A

7. The hoppopotamus can hold its breath for a long time. Answer=A

8. The snake's skin feels rather smooth. Answer=L

9. My family likes the zoo in our city.

10. The kangroos hop across the fields. Answer=A

11. Baby kangaroos are safe inside their mothers pouches. Answer=L

12. I admire the big cats for their grace and power. Answer=A

13. The monkeys easily swing from one tree to another. Answer=A

14. The restless monkeys ofter sound noisy. Answer=A

15. The prairie dogs scurry in and out of their holes in ghe ground. Answer=A

16. Their movement are rapid.

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