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An open box of maximum volume is to be made from a square piece of cardboard, 24 inches on each side, by cutting equal squares from the corners and turning up the sides to make the box.
(a) Express the volume V of the box as a function of x, where x is edge length of the square cut-outs.
(b) What are the dimensions of the box that enclose the largest possible volume? State your answer in the form length by width by height.
(c) What is the maximum volume?

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    let each side of the equal squares be x inches
    length of box = 24-2x
    width of box = 24-2x
    height of box = x

    a) Volume = x(24-2x)(24-2x)

    b) expand the volume equation, then take the first derivative.
    Set that derivative equal to zero. You will have a quadratic equation. Take the positive answer which lies between 0 and 12

    c) put the answer from b) into the volume equation and evaluate.

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