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linguistics please!!!

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(a) Mary murdered the platypus
(b) Mary killed something

Select a maxim that is being flouted in this conversation.

B. Manner
C. Quality
D. Relevance

2. Bob: Do you want to grab a cup of coffee sometime?
Sally: Sure! I absolutely love spending time with people who manage to constantly insult everything I stand for and smell bad.

Select a maxim Sally just flouted.

B. Manner
C. Quality
D. Relevance

3. Sally: Did you know that I really like to eat tuna straight from the can?
Bob: There is no accounting for taste.

Select a maxim Bob just flouted.

B. Manner
C. Quality
D. Relevance

  • linguistics please!!! - ,

    i think...

    1. Relevance??
    2. Quantity?
    3. Manner?

  • linguistics please!!! - ,

    Make sure you're clear on the meaning of "flout" --

  • linguistics please!!! - ,

    to insult, to scorn

    so my answers are wrong?

  • linguistics please!!! - ,

    I think the flouting is obvious in the second and third questions. The response in each of those (the second sentence in each) would be said in a sarcastic or insulting tone of voice, right?

    If you can tell me what quality, relevance, quantity, and manner mean in terms of your assignment, I'd be able to tell better.

  • linguistics please!!! - ,

    D Maxims of Manner

    Avoid obscurity of expression.
    Avoid ambiguity.
    Be brief.
    Be orderly.

    These maxims relate to the form of speech you use. You shouldn’t use
    words you know your listeners won’t understand or say things which you
    know could be taken multiple ways. You should also not state something
    in a long, drawn-out way if you could say it in a much simpler manner.

    so would the sarcastic ones be manner?

  • linguistics please!!! - ,

    A Maxims of Quality

    1. Do not say what you believe to be false.
    (i.e., “don’t lie”)
    2. Do not say that for which you lack adequate evidence.
    (i.e., ”don’t say things which you can’t back up”)

    Conversational Maxims

    B Maxim of Relevance

    The most important maxim, since it is responsible for preventing random,
    incoherent conversations lacking any continuity such as the example
    above and in the book.

    C Maxims of Quantity

    1. Make your contribution as informative as is required.
    (i.e., ”Don’t say too little”)
    2. Do not make your contribution more informative than is required.
    (i.e., ”Don’t say too much”)

    We usually assume that people are telling us everything we need to know.
    If they don’t say something, then we assume they simply don’t know
    that information.

  • linguistics please!!! - ,

    " ... or say things which you
    know could be taken multiple ways."
    Is this "manner"? This would be the sarcastic responses.

    And I think "quantity" is involved in the very first one (murdered vs killed).

  • linguistics please!!! - ,

    ok thank you! so 2 & 3 are manner right?

    and would this be relevance?
    Bob: Do you want to grab a cup of coffee some time?
    Sally: My boyfriend might get jealous.

  • linguistics please!!! - ,

    Yes, I agree -- relevance for the last one.

  • linguistics please!!! - ,

    Yes, I think so.

    You're welcome!!

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