March 29, 2015

Homework Help: Rational Inequality with Absolute Value

Posted by Randy on Saturday, March 26, 2011 at 1:24pm.

Here's a question I'm having trouble with:


Solve for x.

I'm trying to use the case method to solve this problem. Basically I just need confirmation that I did this correctly. I'm doing this through distance learning so I can't ask a teacher until Monday.

Case 1:

x is greater than or equal to zero, and x+2 is greater than zero.


Now here's where I get confused... since the assumptions for this case were x>=0 and x+2>0, x must be greater than or equal to zero. When I solved for x in this case, I got x>-4. Reconciling the constraints leaves me back at x>=0. Did I do that correctly?

Case 2:

x is greater than or equal to zero, x+2 is less than xero (x is less than -2.) This isn't possible since there are no numbers that are both greater than or equal to zero and less than -2.

Case 3:

x is less than zero, and x+2 is greater than zero (x>-2)


When I reconcile the constraints, I end up with x is greater than -4/3 but less than zero. Again I am not sure if I did that correctly.

Case 4:

x is less than zero, and x+2 is less than zero (x<-2.)


Reconciling the constraints leaves me with x<-4.

When I combine all of the solutions from all of the cases, I get a solution set of {x|x<-4 or x>-4/3}

This seems to be correct when I enter test points, but I was wondering if someone could check my work and confirm that I've done it correctly.


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