February 27, 2017

Homework Help: grade nine math Polynomials

Posted by peyton on Friday, March 25, 2011 at 7:44pm.

Mr. Smart just bought a new dog named Fluffy. Mr Smart would like to enclose a play space for Fluffy in his back yard. The 5 side play space has the dimensions, in metres. They are x +11, 2x-4,3x.

Write a simplified expression for the number of metres of fencing needed to enclose this space. Would this be correct

5 (x+11) + (2x-4) +(3x)

Determine the amount of fencing Mr. Smart will need to enclose the space if x= 7m?

Would this be correct

5(x+11) + (2x-4) + (3x)
5x +55 +10x -20 +15x
(5x+10X+15x) + (55-20)
= 30x + 35

Do these answers seem right! Please help!! Thanks

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