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Posted by Mike on Friday, March 25, 2011 at 6:14pm.

Can you please check these sentences, please? Thank you very much for your previous corrections!

1) How can I get to school? Can you tell me the way to school, please?
2) Do you know the bank in Cross Street?
Is Oxford street the road near the station? Yes, it is.
3) You have to (not must) go past the park and then take the second turning on the left.
4) The school is at the end (bottom) of that road, on the left, in front of the newsagent's, opposite the post and next to the library. You can't miss it.
5) You must (not "have to") do your homework first, if you want to go out tonight.
6) My mum is anngry with me. I must (have to?? is possible) stay in my room and study this afternoon.
When I take (put) the rubbish out, I get the rubbish and the garage key.
7) I open the garage with the key (?) and I put the rubbish into the bin. Then I lock the garage and return to my flat.
8) I put the clothes into the washing machine, then I put the washing fluid (soap? better) in (or into it, in it) and I start it. When the washing is finished, I turn the washing machine off, take out the clothes and hang them.
9) I put the clothes in and I push (select?) the start button. At the end I take the clothes out and pin them up on the clothes line, Once they are dry (dried?), I iron them and put them back in the proper drawer or in the wardrobe.

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