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The equilibrium constant for the reaction,
SO2(g)+ NO2(g) <----> NO(g)+ SO3(g)
has been experimentally determined as a function of temperature. The results are presented in the table below.
T (°F) KC
285 662
752 156
842 93.4
932 59.6
1022 40.2

If 0.0791 ft3 SO2, 0.158 ft3 NO2, 0.0791 ft3 NO, and 0.119 ft3 SO3 (all at STP) are transferred to a 1.32 gal reaction vessel and heated to 733 K, determine the following:
The initial reactor pressure in atm
The equilibrium molar concentrations (in mol L–1) of each substance
The equilibrium reactor pressure in atm

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