March 28, 2017

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The figure below (a) shows a sphere with a radius of r = 157 mm (density ñ = 1.24 g/cm³) suspended in water by a string. The ball is completely submerged in the water and the string is attached from the bottom of the water tank to the bottom of the sphere. What is the tension in the string?

i know that after doing the freebody diagram that it is F-W-T=0 since the sphere is not moving. So T=Fbuoyant-W
--> (density of fluid-density of sphere)gravity*volume of object?


    Something doesn't make sense to me here. With a density of 1.24 g/cm^3, the weight of the sphere is greater than the buoyancy force. It should sink to the bottom of the tank. What good is a string at the bottom of the tank?

    Your equations are correct.

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