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Hello, i seem to be stuck on a problem and do'nt know why im not gettin the right answer.I have the he Ka and Kb values for each of the weak acids and bases from the chart and I keep getting zero and the second one 2.27*10^-24 is this correct?? Thank uu

Solve an equilibrium problem (using an ICE table) to calculate the of each of the following. a solution that is 0.175M in HC2H3O2 and 0.120M in KC2H3O2.

as well as a solution that is 0.195M in CH3NH2 and 0.110 CH3NH3BR in

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    You're missing a key word in the problem. For what are you being asked to calculate? (calculate the __ of each of the following)
    Even without knowing the question I can tell you that answer cannot be zero if you are solving for the concentration of some species. All species in the reaction must be present in some quantity at equilibrium by the definition of equilibrium.

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