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at what altitude should a satellite be placed into circular orbit so that its orbital period is 48 hours? the mass of the earth is 5.976x10^24 kg and the radius of the eatrh is 6.378x10^6 m.

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    The velocity required to keep a satellite in a circular orbit derives from

    Vc = sqrt(µ/r) where r = the radius of the orbit in feet and µ = the Earth's gravitational constant = 1.407974x10^16 yielding r = 57,064 miles.

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    Ignore the previous response as it did not answer your question.

    The required altitude to maintain a period of 48 hours derives from
    T = 2(Pi)sqrt[r^3/µ] where T = the period in seconds, r = the orbital radius in feet and µ = the Earth's gravitational constant = 1.407974x10^16.

    From this, r = 41,668 miles making the altitude 37,705 miles.

    The velocity at this altitude is 8000 fps.

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