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no hablarse / pero / ellos mirarse profundamente

No se hablaban pero ellos se miraban profundamente.

inmediatamente / la muchacha y el muchacho / enamorarse

La muchacha y el muchacho se enamoraron inmediatamente.

ellos / abrazarse / y / besarse / aquella tarde

Ellos se abrazaron y se besaron aquella tarde.

I changed the 3 one but the first 2 I still don't understand.

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    It's always a good idea to number them so we are both on the same item.

    1. No se hablaron pero ellos se miraron profundamente.

    2. ¡perfecto!

    3. ¡perfecto también!

    el imperfecto = se hablaban y se miraban = they WERE talkING and they WERE lookING at each other.

    el préterito = se hablaron y se miraron = they DID talk to each other and they DID look at each other.

    The reason for 2 past tenses is to set up the description of what WAS goING on with the imperfecto and then having the action with the pretérito.


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