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Have a question on Simple Verb Tenses. Need to reswrite each sentence, using the correct form of the verb in parentheses with s,ed,or will.. Thank for looking and helping me~~

1. Long ago Plutarch___ stories of Greeks and Romans. (RELATE) Answer=related

2. Today we___a person's life story a biography.(call) Answer=will call

3. Writers today still___from Plutarch. (learn) Answer=will learn

4. His work___a modelfor future biographes as well. (be) Answer=will be

5. Modern biography___three hundred years ago. (originate) Answer=originated

6. In 1800 Mason Weems___a biography of George Washington. (publish) Answer=published

7. In the 1806 edition, he___the story of the cherry tree.(include) Answer=included

8. People___ about that story for years to come. (talk) Answer=will talk

9. Today readers___the truth of some of Weem's stories. (question) Answer=will question

10. Someday I___ his account of Washington's life. (read) Answer=will read

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    #s 2, 3, and 9 are incorrect.

    The rest are correct.

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    Is #3 learned

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    Those 3 sentences ALL have "today" in them. Use the present tense.

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