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Milan's gas tank is 1/5 full. After he buys 6 gallons of gas, it is 7/10 full. How many gallons can Milan's tank hold?

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    let x = number of gallons the when tank is full
    according to first statement, initially the tank is 1/5 full. thus we can write it as (1/5)x
    according to second statement, he bought 6 gallons, thus we add 6 to the initial amount, and it becomes 7/10 full or (7/10)x
    rewriting using equations:
    (1/5)x + 6 = (7/10)x
    solving for x,, first we multiply both sides of the equation by 10 to get rid of denominators and deal with whole numbers:
    10*(1/5)*x + 6*10 = 10*(7/10)*x
    2x + 60 = 7x
    60 = 5x
    x = 12 gallons

    hope this helps~ :)

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