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Posted by Mike on Wednesday, March 23, 2011 at 3:27pm.

Can you check these sentences for me, please? Thank you.

1)The setting of the novel is ambivalent since it seems to lie halfway between England and Scotland.
2) Utterson finds out that Dr Jekyll has created a potion, which enables him to release his evil side.
3) It is capable of separating (also to separate) the good and evil side which are part of his personality.
4) Once his evil side achieves domination over the Jekyll aspect, he starts to have involuntary trasformations. He decides to eliminate his evil side by killing him(self).
5) Mr Hyde is described in terms of animal imagery. He hisses like a cornered snake, moves like a monkey and cries out like a rat. He stands for pure evil; he is pale and dwarfish, his hands are dark an heavy.
6) He gives an impression of deformity.
In contrast, Dr Jekyll has a handsome face, his hands are well-shaped and his body is larger and more harmoniously proportioned than Hyde's.
7) You shouldn't play truant and miss classes. Otherwise, you'll have to catch up with the others then (and make up for the lost tie).
He can either give himself (or give in?)to (?) a life of crime and depravity or eliminate his evil side.

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